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This information was published in the Privy years ago by Baron Cesare, and was passed along by Baroness Elspeth. In the before time (1977-- AS XII), there was a Shire known as `Stormshadow'. Stormshadow was located south of Three Mountains (Salem area) nestled in a beautiful valley with a majestic river flowing through it. The people of Stormshadow managed to put on a couple of events, but failed to learn the importance of working together. About a year before the Principality of An Tir became a Kingdom, interest began waning and the Shire of Stormshadow ceased to exist. Even so, there are still a couple of members around that know of these distant times and the hardships faced by the people of Stormshadow. Sometime around ASXV-ASXVI (1981), a group from Nethers' Edge started holding meetings in the valley where Stormshadow once existed, with an eye on forming yet another Shire. Vandoral the Merchant...