Barony of Terra Pomaria • In the Before Time
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In the Before Time

This information was published in the Privy years ago by Baron Cesare, and was passed along by Baroness Elspeth.

In the before time (1977– AS XII), there was a Shire known as `Stormshadow’. Stormshadow was located south of Three Mountains (Salem area) nestled in a beautiful valley with a majestic river flowing through it. The people of Stormshadow managed to put on a couple of events, but failed to learn the importance of working together. About a year before the Principality of An Tir became a Kingdom, interest began waning and the Shire of Stormshadow ceased to exist. Even so, there are still a couple of members around that know of these distant times and the hardships faced by the people of Stormshadow.

Sometime around ASXV-ASXVI (1981), a group from Nethers’ Edge started holding meetings in the valley where Stormshadow once existed, with an eye on forming yet another Shire.

Vandoral the Merchant (aka Baron Cesaré), his lady, Aster of Flanders (Baroness Astrid), and their daughter Bethany of Flanders came to this land in the year ASXVII (late 1982). At this time the people in the valley decided to rebuild the Shire of Stormshadow.

This small group of brave and daring people consisting of 9 sustaining and 5 family memberships) contacted the Kingdom Seneschal and were told that according to the old records, Stormshadow had been abandoned and the property rights (zip codes) granted to Nethers’ Edge (Polk County, McMinnville and points around there). These courageous souls would have to use another name for their Shire and acquire permission from Nethers’ Edge to claim use of the land in the valley (the Salem zip codes).

Officers were elected: Seneschal–Olwain of Corn Valley, Herald–Griselda, Arts & Sciences–Abdulah ibn al Ghalib, Chronicler and Chatelaine–Lady Rose aux Mains Habils, Archer–Dave Sexton.

Names for the new Shire were contemplated and voted upon. There were 14 submissions,the #2 name was Willum Shire (Willamette Shire), and the #1 name was Terra Pomarium (Land of the Orchards). The Kingdom Herald later corrected the Latin form to Terra Pomaria.

Mid ASXVII (Feb 1983), Nethers’ Edge refused to release the lands, so the people asked for and were granted land to the Northeast of where Stormshadow used to be. A new Herald was chosen, one Vandoral the Merchant. Through sponsorship of Three Mountains we became the Canton of Terra Pomaria at May Crown ASXVIII (1983).

The first event was planned for the upcoming month of August, an Ithra with a feast to follow. Lady Rose was to be Autocrat for the Ithra, Vandoral the feastocrat.