Barony of Terra Pomaria • Nobility
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Current Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria

Terra Pomaria Circlets

Their Excellencies
Baron Stefan de Kilpatrick & Baroness Anna Elizabeth von Engelberg

Contact Their Excellencies

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Baronial Candidates 2023

Greeting Terra Pomaria! And congratulations to you and your new Successors!

After extensive though and thorough review of the many populace members’ feedback- Their Majesties, Morgan and Livia have decided whom their Heirs shall be to represent the crown in the lands of Terra Pomaria!

This was an incredibly hard decision with an extensive and amazing group of candidates. Thank you so much to those who took the time to place their names into the discussion- your love and commitment to the betterment of your Barony is vast and evident.

Congratulations to Maestra Anna Elizabeth von Engelberg and HL Stefan de Kilpatrick who have been chosen as the next B&B of Terra Pomaria!!!!

Scribal designs for their Excellencies, Maestra Anna Elizabeth von Engelberg and HL Stefan de Kilpatrick

Past Barons & Baronesses

Terra Pomaria’s first Baron and Baroness were His Excellency Cesare the Merchant and Her Excellency Astrid of Flanders. They were elevated to serve as founding Baron and Baroness by Gunnarr II and Gabriell II at the May Crown Tournament XXVII (May 16th, 1992).

Over the years, they have been followed by a distinguished line of noble successors. Read more about Terra Pomaria’s nobility at the An Tir Culturewiki.