Barony of Terra Pomaria • Nobility
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Current Thegn and Baronessa of Terra Pomaria

Thegn Clovis and Baronessa Ximena

Their Excellencies
Thegn Clovis de Walton & Baronesa Ximena

Terra Pomaria Circlets

Contact Their Excellencies

Contact the Court Coordinator

Past Barons & Baronesses

Terra Pomaria’s first Baron and Baroness were His Excellency Cesare the Merchant and Her Excellency Astrid of Flanders. They were elevated to serve as founding Baron and Baroness by Gunnarr II and Gabriell II at the May Crown Tournament XXVII (May 16th, 1992).

Over the years, they have been followed by a distinguished line of noble successors. Read more about Terra Pomaria’s nobility at the An Tir Culturewiki.