Barony of Terra Pomaria • Sergeantry
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Sergeantry & Courtier Program

The Sergeantry and Courtiers of Terra Pomaria are a group of people dedicated to serving the seated Baronial Coronets and enriching the Barony with their service.

Those wishing to become a Sergeant or Courtier of Terra Pomaria must submit a Letter of Intent, participate in the Sergeantry Trials as laid out by the seated Baronial Coronets, and swear an oath of fealty to the Barony of Terra Pomaria.

Both Sergeantry & Courtier candidates will be tested in a variety of areas through Trials designed to increase the candidates’ understanding of their place in the SCA and their skills as a valued member of the Barony.

Download the Barony of Terra Pomaria Sergeantry & Courtier Program (PDF)

Download the Requirements for the Sergeantry and Courtier Program for Terra Pomaria (2020) (PDF)

Barony of Terra Pomaria Sergeantry & Courtier Program

Current Members of the Sergeantry


  • Lord Randall Blackwolf
  • Lord Wystan Albryght


  • HL Santinus Contarini
  • HL Magdelena von Freiberg
  • HL Morikawa Kenji Katashige


  • HL Fortune verch Thomas
  • Lady Emelyn Fulredy
  • HL Alyna Trewpeny
  • HL Gwyneth Blackthorne
  • HL Ulf the Wanderer
  • Lady Christmas Caryl


  • HL Tassi Hestamaðer


None currently

Past Members of the Sergeantry


  • Master Cesare the Merchant
  • Baron Gawin of Kevilioc
  • Baroness Helena Bryenissa Raoulaina
  • HL Kendall Tempest
  • Rook Blackstone
  • HE Conrad Breakring
  • HL. Thomas Sinclair
  • HL Maccus of Elgin


  • Lady Fortune verch Thomas
  • Lady Alyna Truepenny
  • Lord Geoffrey FitzHenrie


  • Lord Brendon Strongbow