Friday January 18 


2018-2019 Baronial Polling

Meeting Schedule

Baronial meet and greet with the populace
January 14th 2019, 7:00pm

Ceilidh - Salem Friends Church
1140 Baxter Rd SE
Salem, OR 97306

Ceildh night will be dedicated as an opportunity for the Baronial Candidates to meet with the Populace. This shall also include a mediated question and answer portion. If you have any specific questions you would like to put forth for consideration, you may email them to the Seneschal or there shall be index cards on site for submitting queries as well. Please note, all populace questions will be submitted and subject to Their Excellencies and the Seneschal's discretion before being asked of the candidates.

In-person polling
February 18th 2019, 7:00pm

Business Meeting - Round Table Pizza
6055 Ulali Drive, NE
Keizer, OR 97303

The official Confidence Polling shall be held at the February Business Meeting. This is an in-person polling, moderated by representatives of the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal. If an absentee ballot is required, you must inform the Seneschal by February 4th. Polling forms are limited to those whose zipcodes fall within the Baronial borders, the exception being the Candidates, Officers, Sergeants, Courtiers, Gallants, Yeomen, and Lancers. If you do not fall into one of these categories we cannot provide you with a polling form, but please feel free to email the Crown directly with your opinions of the Candidates.


The two couples who aspire to become your next Baronial Coronets are listed in order of precedence below:

Honorable Lord Marcello Fornarius and Lord Skjaldar þorsteinn
Letter of Intent - View PDF

Lord Clovis the Cook and Lady Mindy of Terra Pomaria
Letter of Intent - View PDF

View Records of Service and Resumes

Honorable Lord Marcello Fornarius
SCA - View PDF
Modern - View PDF

Lord Skjaldar þorsteinn
SCA - View PDF
Modern - View PDF

Lord Clovis the Cook
SCA - View PDF
Modern - View PDF

Lady Mindy of Terra Pomaria
SCA - View PDF
Modern - View PDF

You are encouraged to reach out to these individuals. Ask questions, discuss issues, review their histories, and provided information so you are able to voice your level of support for each couple to the Crown on the polling date.

It is important to remember this is not an election. There will be no campaigning, no ballots, no Yay or Nah's. The polling forms are designed for you to articulate your level of support for each of the candidates so the Crown is able to make an informed decision on which they will chose to represent Them in their lands.

Polling Process

Only paid members are eligible to receive a polling form. Those who reside within the boundaries of the Barony will receive their forms at the in-person polling on February 18th 2019.

Officers and Sergeants residing outside this area and those that want an absentee polling form must contact the Seneschal with proof of membership and mailing address no later than February 4th 2019. Those who do not contact the Seneschal by this deadline will not receive a polling form.

Anyone who does not receive a polling form is welcome to send comments to the Crown directly.

Additional questions may be directed to Zulaikha al-Zarqa, Seneschal of Terra Pomaria, at