Wednesday February 26 


Championships at

The Bear and Apple Tavern

October 19-21st, 2018



A Letter from the Champion to their Excellencies outlining the Tourniment:

Greetings most esteemed and beloved Excellencies of Terra Pomaria,

As Your rapier champion, it is my humble duty to preside over the Championship Tourney which should produce a suitable replacement. If it pleases Your Excellencies, I have a suggestion for the format of the Tourney from which Your next Champion would be selected.

I propose that Your next Champion be proficient in all 5 basic fighting combinations, those are: Single-Sword (open off hand), Sword-Dagger, Sword-Cloak, Sword-Buckler, and Sword-Baton.

In order to achieve that demonstration, I suggest a double-round robin, "hold the field" style of primaries. Each competitor will choose a combination and defend the field against each other, attacking, competitor. When attacking the field, the competitors must switch weapon combinations, avoiding the combination they use while defending the field. For example, Lady A uses Sword-Cape to defend the field. Then Lady A cannot choose Sword-Cape when attacking and must cycle through the other four combinations. All fights will count with double kills being re-fought only once, then considered destructive. This will ensure that each competitor fights each other exactly twice. After all wins are tallied, depending on the number of entrants vying for the Championship, we would choose the top 4 or 2 competitors. Ties will be dealt with at the time depending on number of entrants. If there are 4 competitors, a best of 3 Semi-Finals will be used with each competitor "bringing their best" weapon combination. Finals will be the top 2 and be a best of 5. If Your Excellencies would like to determine round combinations, I would encourage that. If not, the best of 5 will be fought with each round using different combinations in the order listed above. Double kills for both Semi-Finals (if applicable) and Finals will be re-fought immediately until a clear victor is determined.

I hope that this format pleases Your Excellencies.

I remain Your humble servant.


Eoghan Ă“Briain

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