Barony of Terra Pomaria • Coronets' Corner October 28, 2019
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Coronets’ Corner October 28, 2019

Hail and well met, good gentles of Terra Pomaria and lands beyond! The days pass and the times change, and sometimes a good letter between friends is like a warm embrace. In this case, the letter is online and the embrace is digital, but I am hoping to use this forum to update information about the progress of Thegn Clovis and myself, Baronesa Ximena, and to let you know when something particularly exciting is going on. And when it’s a beautiful day and I can’t help myself.

Autumn has come and we are in the thick of our monthly gatherings. Ceilidhs are the second Monday of each month (we’re working on locations, so keep an eye on where it will be in a given month), Scribal the third Wednesday of the month, business meeting the third Monday, and Arts & Sciences the fourth Sunday! Of course, we also have archery and thrown weapons practice on Tuesdays, followed by rapier and heavy fighter practice on Thursdays. If you just need to see some friendly faces and an excuse to work on a project, please join us at any of these. All of them are free to attend, and sometimes it’s good to have a reason to leave the house in the dark of winter!

This past Sunday, Mistress Suvia filia Heriberti gave a class on “Costume for your persona” at our A&S gathering. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and brought a stack of marvelous books for us to peruse, in addition to answering our many and diverse questions. We talked about how fabric choices and fashions have changed over time in society and in the Society, and the best ways to choose our fabrics now. One important takeaway: using period fabrics and techniques is marvelous and absolutely something to strive for, but making an effort with what you have and can get is the most important part. She also talked about how to get access to information about primary resources, such as visiting college libraries. Something that I didn’t know is that many museums will sell you high quality photographs of their items! Can’t get to Spain to see the amazing dresses of Leonor de Castilla from the 13th century in detail? Problem solved!

We are excited to join our cousins to the south in Couer du Val for their event coming up November 16th, A Stitch in Thyme, and then plan to journey further south to Southmarch for the Investiture of our next Alpine Highnesses in December. Our Kingdom has many other events, and you can find more information on all of them at the Kingdom of An Tir website. If you are interested in taking the class that Mistress Suvia taught, rumor has it that it will be taught again at A Stitch in Thyme.

We look forward to seeing you all in the coming days and continuing to serve our Barony and Kingdom with joy!