Barony of Terra Pomaria • Coronets' Corner November 9, 2020
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Coronets’ Corner November 9, 2020

Welcome to November!  (Have you ever wondered why “November” has the prefix “nov-,” meaning it’s the ninth month? Well, here is a nice, extensive explanation!) I know it has been a few months since my last post, and I hope you are all doing well. The modern world has been quite, um, eventful, and all of that free time the pandemic gave me has been spent staring into space, eating baked goods, and watching in awe as His Excellency brings together some incredible classes. I wish I could tell you that I have completely overhauled our garb and we will appear next in splendor unparalleled, but in truth I have managed to do some repairs on one underdress. The past eight months have been taxing in so many ways that none of us were prepared for, and I hereby declare that waking up at least once a day gets you a checkmark for a productive day.

Looking forward, we are planning an event! On December 20th, we will be having a Terra Pomaria Yule, with Court and other activities planned throughout the day. We will be using an online platform, and if you would like some help navigating the vagaries of online communications (honestly, pigeons are easier than some of them), reach out and we will see how we can help.  Details will be forthcoming as we get them worked out!

Thegn Clovis’s online class series has been a rousing success, with participants and teachers from around the world! Below, I will include a list of upcoming classes, and I encourage you to visit the Terra Pomaria YouTube channel to watch some of the amazing classes we have already had (Dyeing! Fighting! Stewarding! Oh my!).  Terra Pomaria also has a Twitter handle and Instagram and we would love to see you there, as well. Having multiple ways to communicate with each other is a wonderful thing!

Take care, and we look forward with great anticipation to the next time we are able to see you!

Baronesa Ximena

Upcoming schedule (classes are held through Zoom, and you can find the link in the listed Facebook event or here. If you want to attend a class but either don’t have Facebook or are having difficulty accessing Zoom, let us know!)

Nov 15th (7pm) Rectangular Construction by Leora the Red

Nov 22nd (6pm) Write Gooder Poetry by Braennan MacEarnan

Nov 29th (5pm start) Helmet making by His Alpine Highness Kenric (3 hour class)

Dec 6th Basics for shield painting – the cheat codes by Her Grace, Sir Helga Skjaldmaer

Dec 13th Using the the Kingdom judging sheet by Wulfstan Meistari Hrafnsson

Dec 20th Yule Court

Dec 27th History Yasuke, the African Samurai by Count Seto Gesshouko

Jan 3rd Indigenous history of Western Oregon by Eirìkr Skreyja

Jan 9th Ethereal An Tir Twelfth Night

Jan 17th Rapier Marshaling Made Simple by Samwell Langdon and Jacques D’Aramis

Jan 25th I can make fire! by Nemo Magnus

Jan 31st Period card games by Justin du Coeur