Barony of Terra Pomaria • Coronets' Corner January 2, 2020
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Coronets’ Corner January 2, 2020

Wolfric - Youth Archery Champion

Friends and fellows, as we bid farewell to one year and bid welcome the next, Thegn Clovis and I would like to express how very much we have enjoyed serving as your Baronial Coronets these last eight months. We have traveled to many events, met new people, faced challenges with the support of our Barony, and reveled in the community we find here in the SCA. The support and friendship we find here in Terra Pomaria and in the Society has been invaluable over the last month, as we navigated some rough waters in our modern lives. It has been inspiring to watch as the Barony has stepped forward, not only in support of ourselves, but of several other members as they have seen difficulties come their way.

One of the many highlights of 2019 was the opportunity to introduce a new baronial award, first given to HL Ulf the Wanderer at The Long & Short of It: The Woad Apple. Given to thank the recipient for gladdening the hearts and lightening the spirits of Terra Pomaria and beyond through the ready application of humor, the form of the award is a blue apple in whatever medium is desired. We hope to introduce other new awards in the coming year, including several for the youth of our Barony.

This year also saw two new championships in Terra Pomaria: Youth Archery and Thrown Weapons, with the champions being young Wolf and HL Rafe Neuton, respectively. Both tournaments saw great turnout and participation, and both were introduced because of growing interest in the activity. We are looking forward to seeing how the championship evolve and are shaped by the different champions in the coming years.

Thegn Clovis and I have an item of business that we would like to bring before the whole Barony, and that we plan to vote on at the next business meeting. Our baronial coronets are magnificent and beautiful, and currently require periodic maintenance to keep the leather linings attached to the circlets themselves. We have spoken with the artisan, Master Sigmund Helmschmiede, and he has presented two possible, permanent fixes. We feel that a permanent fix is needed, as the Barony plans to use these coronets for many, many years, and it’s possible that Master Sigmund will not always be available to make the necessary fixes. Please view the proposal, linked at the end of this post, and bring your vote to January’s business meeting. If you have any questions or comments that you aren’t able to present at the business meeting, please contact us at TerraPomaria.Coronet@antir.org.

Twelfth Night will be happening in neighboring Adiantum January 10th through 12th, and we have Ceilidh on the 13th at the Stayton Public Library, and Business Meeting on the 20th at the Round Table Pizza in Keizer Station. Come see your friends, be inspired, and enjoy the company of others who seek to re-create the Middle Ages as they should have been!

View Circlet Proposal