Barony of Terra Pomaria • Coronets' Corner April 5, 2020
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Coronets’ Corner April 5, 2020


My friends, it is certain that we live in interesting times. I am so happy to see how people are stepping up to help those around them, and to lift each other up. Terra Pomaria, I am proud to be your Baronesa, and a member of this wonderful Barony.

Thegn Clovis and I have been working on projects around our house and yard, and I now have magnificent raised garden beds. I saw today that Her Excellency Ainslee has been producing some truly magnificent inkle-woven trim. Whether we hone our SCA game to its finest edge or don’t touch our projects for the duration of our time at home, how we deal with this sea of change in our lives is exactly how we need to deal with it. Our greatest concern for all of you is that you be well, in body and heart. Please, if you need help, let us know, even if we haven’t seen you for a few years. We can figure out supply drop-offs, video calls, you name it. As a community, we can carry each other through this.

While we are not able to meet in person for a spell, and we are getting to the point where the novelty is wearing off of our current situation, I encourage you to reach out to your friends, family, and acquaintances.  Use Skype to take a cup of the genial beverage (that would be tea) with a friend and compare projects! Have a cocktail hour with friends using Zoom and discuss footwork and shield tactics! Is your child demanding a playdate but you are being a responsible-if-slowly-deranged parent? Perhaps using FaceTime or Facebook Messenger for a visit with a friend will take the edge off their urge to storm the castle of your patience every second of every waking moment.

One tool that I’ve been talking about rolling out for a couple of months now (and which we’ve discussed with our Seneschal and Web Mistress), but was delayed by the scuffle of the last few weeks, is an email list service similar to Yahoo Groups.  Some of the benefits are that important information can be found quickly and doesn’t become buried on a page, and people who don’t use social media much or at all can easily keep up with baronial events and news. Especially as we move further into an election year, I want us to be able to find escape in the SCA, and making our communication more readily available off of Facebook can help. I’ve set up a Groups.io list for Terra Pomaria, and we will be rolling out invitations to the Yahoo Groups list shortly.  If you were never part of the Yahoo Groups list, or you just want to be ahead of the curve, go ahead and shoot me an email with the subject line “Add me”  to TerraPomaria.Coronet@antir.org and I will send you an invitation.

We would also like to let you know that we are planning to give our potential new Sergeants an opportunity to get started on the requirements. Watch this space for further information soon, and be well, Terra Pomaria!!