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Populace Contact Page

The roster below is for the people who live or play in Terra Pomaria and would like their SCA name and e-mail address to be listed for contact purposes.

If you wish to be included in the roster please fill out this form.

If you encounter a problem, or wish to be removed, email

Lordship Aaron Brandtson of Briaroak

View Lordship Aaron Brandtson of Briaroak's OP Entry
Other Information: Member of the House of the Empty Chalice
Last Modified: 11/16/2015


Ladyship Deirdre ni Phadraig MacGriogair

View Ladyship Deirdre ni Phadraig MacGriogair's OP Entry
Other Information: Co-Founder of the House of the Empty Chalice
Last Modified: 11/16/2015


Ladyship Duvessa of Movilla

View Ladyship Duvessa of Movilla's OP Entry
Other Information: Member of the An Tir Apothecary Guild, Premier Executioner Prime of Dragon's Mist, SR YAC Marshal, Terra Pomaria A&S Champion
Last Modified: 5/15/2016


Baroness Elspeth Ainslee Goldheart

View Baroness Elspeth Ainslee Goldheart 's OP Entry
Other Information: 6th Baroness of Terra Pomaria. O of Goutte de Sang, O of Jambe de Lion
Last Modified: 11/1/2015


Ethan Ulfson of Wolfstone (Ethan of Terra Pomaria)

View Ethan Ulfson of Wolfstone's OP Entry
Other Information:
Last Modified: 5/15/2016


HL Katashige Kenji Morikawa

View Morikawa Kenji Katashige's OP Entry
Other Information: Gallant, Web Minister for TP
Last Modified: 5/15/2016


HL Melannei Athenaios

View HL Melannei Athenaios 's OP Entry
Last Modified: 9/7/2015


HL Pyks Picti

View HL Pyks Picti's OP Entry
Other Information: Picti Hoarde / House IMOD / Norse Stickball
Last Modified: 10/23/2016


Lordship Sergeant Randall Blackwolf

View Randall Blackwolf's OP Entry
Last Modified: 9/7/2015


Lady Tangwystl verch Maredudd

View Tangwystl verch Maredudd's OP Entry
Last Modified: 9/7/2015


HL Tassi Hestamaðer

View Tassi Hestamaðer's OP Entry
Last Modified: 9/7/2015


Lordship Ulf the Wanderer

View Ulf the Wanderer's OP Entry
Other: Sergeantry Candidate, woodworking/carving and knotwork teacher
Last Modified: 10/4/2015


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