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The Sergeantry Program was developed to allow individuals the opportunity to demostrate military and chivalric skills, and has over time evolved to include Courtiers, and to provide candidates the opportunity to explore and become well-rounded members of the Society for Creative Anachronism through the Sergeantry Trials. Each set of Baronial Coronets designs and oversees the Sergeantry Trials held during their reign, and the Sergeantry and Courtiers of Terra Pomaria are valued members of their team.

An overview of the Sergeantry Program is available HERE and the specific requirements for the Sergeantry Trials held under Thegn Clovis and Baronesa Ximena are available HERE

Current Members of the Sergeantry

  Lord Randall Blackwolf
  Lord Wystan Albryght


  HL Santinus Contarini
  HL Magdelena von Freiberg
  HL Morikawa Kenji Katashige




  HL Fortune verch Thomas  
  Lady Emelyn Fulredy  
  HL Alyna Trewpeny  
  HL Gwyneth Blackthorne  
  HL Ulf the Wanderer  
  Lady Christmas Caryl  


  HL Tassi Hestamaðer


Past Members of the Sergeantry:

  Master Cesare the Merchant  
  Baron Gawin of Kevilioc  
  Baroness Helena Bryenissa Raoulaina
  HL Kendall Tempest
  Rook Blackstone
  HE Conrad Breakring
  HL. Thomas Sinclair
  HL Maccus of Elgin




  Lord Brendon Strongbow


  Lady Fortune verch Thomas  
  Lady Alyna Truepenny  
  Lord Geoffrey FitzHenrie  


Have you been a past member of the sergeantry? Please contact the Web Minister to be added to the list.

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