Friday August 07 



2018-2019 Baronial Polling

Greetings unto the greatest Barony in the known world!

Over the last 3 months, much time and energy has been put into the Baronial polling process to find our successors. Both sets of candidates represented all of the wonderful qualities Terra Pomaria is known to embody. They are kind, funny, service oriented, artistic, fantastic cooks, and have amazing senses of humor. We have been blessed to have such a smooth process and we extend our thanks to all involved.

We are pleased to announce their Majesties, Kjartan and Shaya, have chosen Lord Clovis and Lady Ximena as the next Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, Please congratulate them!

We thank Marcello and Skjaldar for their willingness and the grace in which they have undergone the process. We know that they both possess the heart of the barony and will go far within our society!

Bright days and bountiful seasons are sure to dawn with such wonderful tiding. Please join us in welcoming our next Baron and Baroness at Bar Gamels In just a few short weeks!

Baron Weylyn, Baroness Lindis