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seneschal badge
Lady Zulaikha al-Zarqa'

Demo Deputy:

Social Media Officer:
Countess Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne

Marshal badge
Heavy Marshal:
Lord Randall Blackwolf

Minister of the Lists:
HE Peder Georg Jenson

Archery badge
Target Marshal:
Lord Luther Gutman

Archery badge
Equestrian Marshal:
HL Tassi Hestamaðer

Rapier Marshal:
HL Kenji Morikawa Katashige

Youth Armored Combat:

Exchequer badge
Chancellor of the Exchequer:
HL Wystan Albryght

Exchequer badge

gold key badge
Gold Key:
HL Alyna Trewpeny


herald badge
Herald (Hazel Leaf Pursuivant):
HL Marcus Valerius Taurus

Arts Sciences badge
Minister of the Arts and Sciences:
HL Rowan Spirit Walker

chronicler badge
Olaff Beer Gripper

Minister of the Grete Boke:
Lady Keridwyn Nic Cionaodha

webminister badge
Web Minister:
Lady Adele Neuton

chatelaine badge
Lord Luther Gutman

Baronial Scribe:
Lord Raven Devereux

Youth and Family Achievement Officer :
HL Duvessa of Movilla

Officer Resources

Baronial Customary (PDF)

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