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Links of Interest

Here are some links to interesting sites on the web.   Anyone who has a site they would like to see added here, please e-mail the webminister with the URL.


About the SCA

This Online Demo is meant to give a general overview of some of the aspects of the SCA.


General History

WoodLyn Reference Library: resource library for books/publications about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

An interesting site giving the great quarter and cross quarter days in the calendar.

Another great site with more texts. LITERARY and HISTORICAL TEXTS

How To History (Video Tutorials in the Historic Arts),

Vikverir, a gateway site for some museums in Norway and Denmark,

Linguistics Education Resource Guide: Contains information on Linguistics in general but also has several links to the study of historical languages.

Anglo-Saxon History

This site is dedicated to the study of the Venerable Bede.

European History

A nice site showing a variety of maps of medieval England.

General Sciences

Here is a wonderful site giving biographical sketches of mathematicians, both in and out of period.

Here is a site dedicated to the study of Galileo's life and works.

This site is all about armour construction.

This is a great site with many period texts on alchemy.

A site with a nice program to calculate calendar dates using the various formats used in period.


Military Science

A wonderful site with many pictures and notes on trebuchets. Note- lots of pictures so the page loads slowly.

Another trebuchet site.

Sir Abu Nur Rustam Ibn Abdallah site about circle sword fighting style.

General Arts

Documented reproductions of historic fabrics.

Contains pictures, drawings, discussions and links for costuming.

Beautifully presented paintings and drawings by time period to show costumes and fashion of the time.

A list of medieval pavilion (and camping) resources.

SCA College of Arms, Rules and Regulations.

The Academy of Saint Gabriel is a group of volunteers who research medieval names and armory.

Rounds to sing, with words and music, and midi files to hear the tunes.

Web Gallery of Art - digital reproductions of European paintings and sculpture from 1150 to 1800.

Covers the writing systems and languages of the world. A great resource for scribes.



This is the homepage of Duke Cariadoc of the Bow. It is a wonderful source for authentic SCA information.

This is another nice page that focuses on medieval commerce as well as some crafts.

An SCA site on dancing.

History of the West Kingdom.

On-line Ordinary and Armorial for the SCA (All registered names and armory, sorted by name and updated regularly - warning, it's about 6.6MB of text).

Enjoy the Quarter, Trimaris' Perfectly Period Parody Publication. This is the (un)offical publication of the Barony of the Southern Wastes (Antartica).


Embellishers Guild

Accademia dei Studiosi

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