Monday May 25 


Championships at

The Bear and Apple Tavern

October 19-21st, 2018



Barony of Terra Pomaria Arts and Sciences Championship:

On behalf of Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria, I would like to invite all that have an interest in spreading their knowledge of the Art and Sciences of our Middle Ages to come and compete for the Arts and Sciences Champion of Terra Pomaria.  The Competition with be held during the Championships at the Bear and Apple Tavern, held October 19-21, 2018.

Contestants are required to provide letters of intent to the Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria (), The A&S Minister of Terra Pomaria (), and the Current A&S Champion () at least 1 month prior to the event.  This is to provide time to locate the appropriate judges for your entry.  You will also be expected to provide a letter to the Baron and Baroness in court at the event, these letters maybe placed on display at the request of Their Excellencies during the event.

My intent with this year's competition is to keep it simple to encourage competition far and wide, from both those experienced and those that may have never competed in a championship before.   I also feel deeply that knowledge should be shared and allowed to grow so that more people can learn and we can all gain from that knowledge. In this spirit, I am only requiring one entry to be provided for the competition and request that the contestant also consider not only their own progress but also how they can share what they have learned.

Detailed information about entering the Championship is available Here (pdf)

Copy of the score card for judging is available Here (pdf)

I (Kenji) personally found this article helpful when prepairing for an A&S competition and hope you do as well.

If you have any questions please contact HL Morikawa Kenji Katashige at


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