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Coronets' Corner

July 24, 2020

It has been a very busy, very stressful, and yet very quiet few months. So much has been happening in the modern and virtual SCA world that it’s easy to lose track of how much time has passed, and such is the case with this blog post. I have several things to talk about, so please read on!

First, Thegn Clovis and I want to reiterate our dedication to and expectation of honorable and respectful treatment of our fellows. We cannot uphold the core values of our Society and at the same time have inequality, division, and repression in our Society. From the SCA's founding, our goal has been to recreate the Middle Ages as they should have been. We as a Society come from many different walks of life and belief systems, but we come together over a love of researching and recreating history. Hatred, bigotry, and disrespectful treatment of others have no place in our Barony, Kingdom, or Society. This conversation has many implications and impacts, which I won’t undertake here or on social media, since they are best held face-to-face; the bottom line is that His Excellency and I will stand with our Seneschal to protect our populace and strive to make our Barony a place where everyone feels welcome.

Second, we have a new email listserv!  As Yahoo Groups is no longer fully-supported, we have moved our email group to  You can find it by going to and searching for “Terra Pomaria,” or you can send an email to Make it easy for us to share information with you and join us on the email list!

Third, we are releasing our Sergeantry Trial requirements!  While we won’t be able to start our Trials officially until we have an event and accept Letters of Intent, we want our potential candidates to have plenty of time to look over the requirements and get a head start on completing them.  You can find more information about the Sergeantry Program and the Trials under the “Sergeantry” section of the website.  If you have any questions, please contact His Excellency and myself, and we will be happy to answer them.

Fourth, Thegn Clovis has done a fantastic job at putting together a star-studded lineup of classes designed for our potential Sergeants, but open to everyone.  Join us each Sunday at 7pm for informational classes on Zoom, or watch the classes on YouTube on the Terra Pomaria channel (seriously, His Excellency is amazing).

Upcoming classes include:

Inclusivity for Event Stewards by Zahra Tesfays on July 19th
Scribal Design 101 by Aine O Shehy on July 26th
Concept of Chivalry round table discussion with Edward Anderson, Hlutwige Wolfkiller, Ataias ek Paralatae, Kenric Maur, and Logan Pathwarden on August 2nd
See Something, Do Something bystander intervention training by Genevieve Choue on August 9th
Introduction to Marshalingby Einar Knuteson on August 16th
Gate 101 and Kingdom PayPal by Etienette de Montagne on August 23rd
A&S Competition 101 by Eleanor de Bolton on August 30th 

And don't worry, Thegn Clovis has several more in the pipeline, lest your summer and fall pass in boredom and ignorance!

The following classes have already happened, and you can find most of them on our YouTube channel:

Retinue 101 - taught by Ula Brennasdottir
The Awakening: Sharing our Medieval Dream with Newcomers - taught by Naible (Nai) Martyn
Keys to the Kingdom: Courtesy and Etiquette in the Current Middle Ages - taught by Briana of Lion's Gate
Event Stewarding 101 - taught by Vivien NicUldoon
Concept of Classroom Education - taught by Brynjarr Olfuss
Who is Opie and how doesn't he have an AoA already - taught by Ana De la Sara
An Introduction to Heraldry - taught by Zahra bint al-Rammah
Introduction to Period Medicine - taught by Seamus O'Caellaigh
The Emperor's New Clothes  - taught by Ayla Roth

Finally, we miss you. We’ve gotten to see many of you virtually, but that isn’t a replacement for being together, and virtual visits aren’t for everyone. These past months have been terrible and amazing and scary and history-making in great and awful ways. Our hope for all of you is that you are well, and that you are waking up each day. Some of us may be finishing crazy, bucket list projects, and some of us may be getting up and eating, but as long as we are well and waking up each day, I count the day as a win.

April 20, 2020

Words from His Excellency, Thegn Clovis,

Hello, my friends, I have missed you all. It was wonderful seeing many of you at our virtual Ceilidh on Zoom last Monday. It was especially nice to see Terra Pomarians I have not seen in many years. If you are one of those who struggle with modern technology, please reach out before next month's Ceilidh we will help you get set up or you may use a "call in number" to connect in.

I am excited to let the rest of our Barony know that we, with careful planning, held court at our virtual Ceilidh. Iskander ibn Ji'lid (Alex) was awarded the "Silver Apple" for his outstanding and continuous service to the barony. Iskander was the face of the Barony at last summer's demo at Canterbury. At that demo and others throughout the year he proved himself worthy of high honor for a Terra Pomarian that is so young.

On to some more difficult news. Last week we had a virtual meeting with our Seneschal, Zulaikha, our event steward for Bar Gemels, Duvessa du Movilla, and our event steward for Long and Short of It, Reina Thunderhand. The decision was made to cancel these events for 2020. It is our hope that their bids will be renewed for 2021. (It will be discussed with the financial counsel.) We have not given up hope of having an event this year, and will be looking for opportunities to gather when we are able. We will however proceed with the health and safety of the Barony foremost in mind. Thank you to everyone who has put planning and work into these events; your work is not forgotten

All our love, Thegn Clovis & Baronesa Ximena

April 5, 2020

My friends, it is certain that we live in interesting times. I am so happy to see how people are stepping up to help those around them, and to lift each other up. Terra Pomaria, I am proud to be your Baronesa, and a member of this wonderful Barony.

Thegn Clovis and I have been working on projects around our house and yard, and I now have magnificent raised garden beds. I saw today that Her Excellency Ainslee has been producing some truly magnificent inkle-woven trim. Whether we hone our SCA game to its finest edge or don’t touch our projects for the duration of our time at home, how we deal with this sea of change in our lives is exactly how we need to deal with it. Our greatest concern for all of you is that you be well, in body and heart. Please, if you need help, let us know, even if we haven’t seen you for a few years. We can figure out supply drop-offs, video calls, you name it. As a community, we can carry each other through this.

While we are not able to meet in person for a spell, and we are getting to the point where the novelty is wearing off of our current situation, I encourage you to reach out to your friends, family, and acquaintances.  Use Skype to take a cup of the genial beverage (that would be tea) with a friend and compare projects! Have a cocktail hour with friends using Zoom and discuss footwork and shield tactics! Is your child demanding a playdate but you are being a responsible-if-slowly-deranged parent? Perhaps using FaceTime or Facebook Messenger for a visit with a friend will take the edge off their urge to storm the castle of your patience every second of every waking moment.

One tool that I’ve been talking about rolling out for a couple of months now (and which we’ve discussed with our Seneschal and Web Mistress), but was delayed by the scuffle of the last few weeks, is an email list service similar to Yahoo Groups.  Some of the benefits are that important information can be found quickly and doesn’t become buried on a page, and people who don’t use social media much or at all can easily keep up with baronial events and news. Especially as we move further into an election year, I want us to be able to find escape in the SCA, and making our communication more readily available off of Facebook can help. I’ve set up a list for Terra Pomaria, and we will be rolling out invitations to the Yahoo Groups list shortly.  If you were never part of the Yahoo Groups list, or you just want to be ahead of the curve, go ahead and shoot me an email with the subject line “Add me”  to and I will send you an invitation.

We would also like to let you know that we are planning to give our potential new Sergeants an opportunity to get started on the requirements. Watch this space for further information soon, and be well, Terra Pomaria!!

January 2, 2020

Friends and fellows, as we bid farewell to one year and bid welcome the next, Thegn Clovis and I would like to express how very much we have enjoyed serving as your Baronial Coronets these last eight months. We have traveled to many events, met new people, faced challenges with the support of our Barony, and reveled in the community we find here in the SCA. The support and friendship we find here in Terra Pomaria and in the Society has been invaluable over the last month, as we navigated some rough waters in our modern lives. It has been inspiring to watch as the Barony has stepped forward, not only in support of ourselves, but of several other members as they have seen difficulties come their way.

One of the many highlights of 2019 was the opportunity to introduce a new baronial award, first given to HL Ulf the Wanderer at The Long & Short of It: The Woad Apple. Given to thank the recipient for gladdening the hearts and lightening the spirits of Terra Pomaria and beyond through the ready application of humor, the form of the award is a blue apple in whatever medium is desired. We hope to introduce other new awards in the coming year, including several for the youth of our Barony.

This year also saw two new championships in Terra Pomaria: Youth Archery and Thrown Weapons, with the champions being young Wolf and HL Rafe Neuton, respectively. Both tournaments saw great turnout and participation, and both were introduced because of growing interest in the activity. We are looking forward to seeing how the championship evolve and are shaped by the different champions in the coming years.

Thegn Clovis and I have an item of business that we would like to bring before the whole Barony, and that we plan to vote on at the next business meeting. Our baronial coronets are magnificent and beautiful, and currently require periodic maintenance to keep the leather linings attached to the circlets themselves. We have spoken with the artisan, Master Sigmund Helmschmiede, and he has presented two possible, permanent fixes. We feel that a permanent fix is needed, as the Barony plans to use these coronets for many, many years, and it's possible that Master Sigmund will not always be available to make the necessary fixes. Please view the proposal, linked at the end of this post, and bring your vote to January's business meeting. If you have any questions or comments that you aren't able to present at the business meeting, please contact us at

Twelfth Night will be happening in neighboring Adiantum January 10th through 12th, and we have Ceilidh on the 13th at the Stayton Public Library, and Business Meeting on the 20th at the Round Table Pizza in Keizer Station. Come see your friends, be inspired, and enjoy the company of others who seek to re-create the Middle Ages as they should have been!

View Circlet Proposal


October 28, 2019

Hail and well met, good gentles of Terra Pomaria and lands beyond! The days pass and the times change, and sometimes a good letter between friends is like a warm embrace. In this case, the letter is online and the embrace is digital, but I am hoping to use this forum to update information about the progress of Thegn Clovis and myself, Baronesa Ximena, and to let you know when something particularly exciting is going on. And when it's a beautiful day and I can't help myself.

Autumn has come and we are in the thick of our monthly gatherings. Ceilidhs are the second Monday of each month (we're working on locations, so keep an eye on where it will be in a given month), Scribal the third Wednesday of the month, business meeting the third Monday, and Arts & Sciences the fourth Sunday! Of course, we also have archery and thrown weapons practice on Tuesdays, followed by rapier and heavy fighter practice on Thursdays. If you just need to see some friendly faces and an excuse to work on a project, please join us at any of these. All of them are free to attend, and sometimes it's good to have a reason to leave the house in the dark of winter!

This past Sunday, Mistress Suvia filia Heriberti gave a class on "Costume for your persona" at our A&S gathering. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and brought a stack of marvelous books for us to peruse, in addition to answering our many and diverse questions. We talked about how fabric choices and fashions have changed over time in society and in the Society, and the best ways to choose our fabrics now. One important takeaway: using period fabrics and techniques is marvelous and absolutely something to strive for, but making an effort with what you have and can get is the most important part. She also talked about how to get access to information about primary resources, such as visiting college libraries. Something that I didn't know is that many museums will sell you high quality photographs of their items! Can't get to Spain to see the amazing dresses of Leonor de Castilla from the 13th century in detail? Problem solved!

We are excited to join our cousins to the south in Couer du Val for their event coming up November 16th, A Stitch in Thyme, and then plan to journey further south to Southmarch for the Investiture of our next Alpine Highnesses in December. Our Kingdom has many other events, and you can find more information on all of them at the Kingdom of An Tir website. If you are interested in taking the class that Mistress Suvia taught, rumor has it that it will be taught again at A Stitch in Thyme.

We look forward to seeing you all in the coming days and continuing to serve our Barony and Kingdom with joy!.

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