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This page contains was originally created due to the generosity of Mistress Mhairi mon myn Cymru. Since that time is has grown to include more contributions from many of our other very generous culinary inclined members. If you want to add to this collection please contact the Web minister below. Below is the original greeting that accompanied this page.

Then Serve It Forth

"Welcome to the kitchen, which everyone knows is the warmest, most fragrant, most FUN place in the castle. Together we can recreate and enjoy the same wonderful dishes which our ancestors feasted on in period.

This page is a compendium of monthly columns published in Terra Pomaria's baronial newsletter, The Privy. The recipes are loosely connected to the seasonal year on the manor. Therefore, I have listed the recipes both by title, and by month of publication. Each recipe includes a transcription of the recipe (at least as closely as language will allow), a translation from medieval to modern spelling and terminology, my realization of the recipe, and a glossary of terms, where they are described in more detail. The complete glossary is also posted as a separate link, for those of you with a curiosity for language.

Please join me on my travels through history and cuisine. If any of my readers would like to offer a recipe or two for these pages, I warmly invite you to do so. I am sure there is a warminglnook where we can share our secrets over a goblet of hypocras."

Mistress Rosemary Willowwood de Ste. Anne

Article Published Author
Tartes of Fleshe Dec 1999 Mistress Rosemary
Gyngerbrede Jan 2000 Mistress Rosemary
My Lord Lumley's Pease-Porage(Porridge) Feb 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Tansye Mar 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Capon Stewed May 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Salat (Salad) Jun 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Naranjiya from "A Baghdad Cookery Book" Jul 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Blank Mang (Blancmange) Aug 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Marmulate of Cherries Sep 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Hippocras Oct 2000 Mistress Rosemary
Capon or Goos Roste (Roasted) Nov 2000 Mistress Rosemary
To Make a Marchpane (Marzipan) Dec 2000 Mistress Rosemary
A Plain Ordinary Posset Jan 2001 Mistress Rosemary
To Make Mustard Feb 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Slit Soppes Mar 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Savoury Tosted or Melted Cheese Apr 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Of honey boiled with walnuts, known as Nucato May 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Stuffed Pigling (Pourcelet Farci) Jun 2001 Mistress Rosemary
A Very Good Cake Jul 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Strawberys Aug 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Torta Bolognese (Cheese Pie from Bologne) Aug 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Erbowle Oct 2001 Mistress Rosemary
Corance to Potage Nov 2001 Mistress Rosemary
A Good Quaking Bag-Pudding Dec 2001 Mistress Rosemary
De Limonia (Lemon Chicken) Jan 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Ein Mus von Rise (Rice Puree) Feb 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Stuffed Pike Mar 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Elderberry Pudding Apr 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Dry Halvah May 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Chardequince Jun 2002 Mistress Rosemary
How to eat bacon Jul 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Salsen Aug 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Moorish Eggplant Sep 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Roasted Onion Salad Oct 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Sauteed Mutton Nov 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Stew of Parsnips Dec 2002 Mistress Rosemary
Feasts and Service Jan 2003 Mistress Rosemary
Chireseye 2003 Rafe Neuton
Recipe Collection from Riverfront Demo April 2008----
Little Cabbages December 2018 Countess Berengaria
Pork Rissoles January 2019 Countess Berengaria
Recipe Collection from Martinmas 2017 May 2019 HL Duvessa of Movilla
To Eat Figs in the French Manner (de Nola) August 2019 Countess Berengaria

Glossary of Period Cooking Terms

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