Friday December 13 


Championships at

The Bear and Apple Tavern

October 19-21st, 2018



The Tavern will be open and offering meals from Dinner Friday Evening until Breakfast on Sunday, there is a weekend meal plan available. If pre-registered the weekend meal plan is $35 for adults, $40 at gate. Children ages 11 and under eat free with adult purchase.

Meals will also be offered ala-carte at the kitchen


Everything is subject to change.

Friday Dinner -

Artichoke/spinach/cheese pies, and a pear/walnut/maple sweet variety.

Choice of Savoury Meat Soup or Chicken and dumplings


Saturday Breakfast -

Steel cut Oats, Honey, Berries, Apple Rings, Boiled eggs, and Breakfast meats (Bacon or sausage depending)


Saturday Luncheon -

For Phlegmatic Temperament -

Coneys in Gravy

Chickens on Cretonee - warm and dry to balance a cold and damp constitution

For Choleric Temperament -

Gray Peas


For Sanguine Temperament-


Ale Broth

Rye bread

Melancholic Temperament-

Tuskyn - pork balls which are hot and moist to balance a cool and dry person


Saturday Dinner -

Appetizer: Yellow Lentils, Deviled Eggs, Cookies, White Beans, Smoked Cheese

Farm Fare: Baked Apples/pears (GF DF), Beets in Mustard Sauce, Pomegranate Chicken, Lamb and Chicken Pie, Risotto (GF), Rodcal, Tree Pie

Wild Fare: Berry soup w/ cream, Baked Roots, Duck with Sorrel Sauce, Fish shaped meatballs, Chestnut Cake (GF DF), Wild Salad, Bramble Pie


Sunday Breakfast -

Comfort Breakfast ala Durin and Thorstein, French toast and leftovers. Yay!


Ingredient lists for all dishes should be available on site.



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