Wednesday February 26 


Championships at

The Bear and Apple Tavern

October 19-21st, 2018




1:30 PM Gate Opens for Merchants
3:00 PM Gate Opens for Populace
5:00 PM Games in the tavern
6:00 PM Dinner Service at Kitchen Discretion
8:00 PM Fireside Bardic
  Herald's meeting by HE Marcus Taurus Valerius (Infirmary)
7:00 - 8:30 AM Breakfast Service
8:00 AM Gate Opens
9:00 AM Heraldry 1
  Beginning Stone Carving
  Fundamentals of Alchemy
  Cheese Making
  Successful Event Stewarding Part 1
  Controlling the Fight
9:30 AM Coutesy Class
10:00 AM Champion Invocations/ Morning Court
10:30 AM A&S Championship Presentation and Judging
  Submissions Heraldry
  Soapstone Carving
  Medical Horoscopes
  Successful Event Stewarding Part 2
  Fighting Sinister
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM Lunch Service
11:30 AM Adiantum Heavy Championship
1:00 PM Italian Longsword 
2:00 PM Courtly Dances
  Viking Cooking
  How to Run Gate
  Adiantum Thrown Weapons Championship
2:30 PM Advanced Stone Carving
  Court Coordination
  Fighting Techniques with Duke Tiernan
3:00 PM Gate Closes
  Practical Alchemy
3:30 PM Active Heraldry for the Tournament Field
  To Better Inspire - Consorting
4:00 PM Terra Pomaria Rapier Championship
5:00 PM Nap Time
  Peer Sponsored Auction Closes
5:30 PM Principality and Baronial Courts
7:00 PM Dinner Service Begins
8:30 PM Adiantum Bardic Championship
10:30 PM Quiet Time
8:30 AM Breakfast Service Begins
9:00 AM Tear Down Starts, many hands make light work
12:00 PM (Noon) Site Closes, Thank you so much for coming and have a great trip home!

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